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Becker Metalúrgica is continuous working on developing of new technologies, improving our production process and products, we have a department that Works with new products developing and improving the ones we already have on the Market, our engineering department has the best hardware and software besides training with companies that offer frequently consultancy and new tools regarding software.

Furthermore it has committed team searching for customer satisfaction, allowing knowledge exchange between colleagues and customers, our products are made according to each customer demand.

Quality Policy

Satisfy with quality customer needs, making continuous improvements in the supply of products for the agroindustrial sector.”


“Serve the market with the quality of its products at competitive prices, always seeking favorable results for the steady growth of the company and its employees.”


Becker Metallurgy was founded in December first, 1945, in Porto Alegre, by Mr. Carlos Becker. The company started as a small workshop, initially producing baby prams and domestic utensils. The first industrial segments that the company took part in were wheat and rice mills, starting its path of growth. From this point on, the company started manufacturing lift trays, transporting screws, bucket lifts and a wide range of agro industrial equipment, marking, thusly, the family’s first generation.
The company took its second step towards growth and technologic knowledge when Mr. Carlos Becker began the participation in manufacturing and installing industrial units for balanced rations production. Around this time in Brazil, the state of Rio Grande do Sul was standing out for being the pioneer in soy oil processing industries, characterized as metallurgy specialized in the manufacture of continuous transporters for grains, cereals, gravel stones, mineral coal, ashes, limestone, wood chips and others.
Great changes take place within the company, such as the professionalizing process, the administrative restructuring and the rearrangement of acting segments, as well as the progressive inclusion of new products, such as laminated helixes, cutting knives for harvesters, silos, hoppers, cereal cleaning machines, hammer mills and peripheral equipment. The company also started to certify and hire technicians and consultants specialized in strategic areas, maintaining to this day a full team of highly qualified professional technicians, displaying the company’s structural strength.
The company moved to its current facilities, located in the industrial district of Gravataí, RS, with an area of 55.000m², having approximately 20.000m² of built facilities.
New unity
Aiming at fulfilling the Market demands, the company acquired a new industrial unit, with an area of 30.000m², located in the city of Santo Antonio da Patrulha, RS.
Becker is awarded with the Social Responsibility Award by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. In this year, the company achieved the ISO 9001:2000 standard certification, in the scope of agricultural equipment. Later, the company was recertified with the 9001:2008 version, in 2010.
Invested in the technological update of its equipment, purchasing modern machinery from domestic and International brands, with numeric laser control, CNC, clamping centre, twisters, plasma cuttings, as well as great investments in the areas of information technology (IT). There was also great advances in the fields of engineering with the acquisition of a high quality industrial software, and the construction of a new building dedicated strictly to the engineering sectors.
65 years of history
Celebrated its 65 years with the company’s CEO Mr. Décio Vicente Becker, representing the second generation of the Becker Family.
Celebration of 70 years
With the commemoration of the company's 70th anniversary, the new directors of the 3rd generation of the family are presented.
(Décio Becker, Graziela Becker, Décio Vicente Becker, Pacífico Furlanetto, Diego Becker).
Becker Metallurgy is known as a manufacturing supplier of robust equipment, segregated in four different segments:

Industrial – This segment represents all equipment for the production of ration, vegetable oil, wheat mills, mining and other solid grains or substances that requires movement in its processing.

Cereal Storage – Silos, hopper dryers, cleaning devices and other equipment designed for installing complete units.

Industrial Components – Industrial chains, helixes, stamps, trays and other replacing parts for the industrial segment clients.

Agricultural – Harvesters assemblers, spare parts, etc. Commercially, the company is present in all Brazilian national territory, directly or through sales representatives, also providing exporting deals to South American countries.


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